Enhanced Antispam with Mail Security upgrade

Antispam functionality in ESET business solutions version 3 and 4 will soon expire

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After expiration, machines with versions 4 and older of these products will continue to be protected against malware, however the existing Antispam protection will no longer function:

  • ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server (version 4. and older) 
  • ESET Mail Security for IBM Domino (version 4. and older)
  • ESET Smart Security Business Edition (version 4. and older)
  • ESET Mail Security for Linux (version and older)
  • ESET File Security for Linux (version and older)
  • ESET Gateway Security for Linux (version and older)

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In order to ensure your company communications are protected on the highest level, we strongly advise you to upgrade your ESET security products. Latest versions of our security products have enhanced Antispam engine awarded by Virus Bulletin reaching a spam catch rate of 99.999% and recorded multiple consecutive VBSpam+ Awards.


Frequently asked questions

How much does the upgrade cost?

Upgrade from older version of ESET Server Security Solution to the newest version is free of charge within your valid license. No additional costs are expected with the product update.

What is the key reason for ESET customers to upgrade to newer products?

Legacy products do not come with the latest technology, and thus may not provide sufficient protection against the latest threats. It is both in the interest of customers and in the interest of ESET that customers use the latest versions of products to ensure maximum protection against threats.

Does update include any new features, functionality and other benefits?

Supported by ESET Remote Administrator, the products provide a secure email experience with malware protection, spam filtering and thorough e-mail scanning.

Does this update affect compatibility with other ESET products?

Upgrading to the latest version of ESET Server Security Solutions enables you to enjoy various benefits including compatibility with ESET Remote Administrator. If you upgrade to the latest version of ESET Server Security Solutions for any of following platforms: Microsoft Exchange Server, IBM Domino and Linux/FreeBSD, make sure you upgrade to the latest version console ESET Remote Administrator as well. Older version of the remote console will not be compatible with ESET’s most current server products.

How long does it take to upgrade to the newest version?

It depends on which product is being upgraded. For upgrade of ESET Remote Administrator from version 5 to the latest version, we recommend to consult with our specialists as it uses an entirely new architecture, therefore verifying of configuration and network might be required.

Whom should I contact when some update problem shows up?

ESET is proud to offer its technical support service in your local language. Any frequently asked questions such as how to upgrade your solution, how to uninstall or install security solutions or how to download it are as well available in ESET’s Knowledge Base center.

How to install latest version

Check our step-by-step guide in the ESET Support center how to install and activate latest versions of your products. For further information about functionalities that ESET security solutions offer, see details in documentation in download section.

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ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server

ESET Mail Security for IBM Domino

ESET Endpoint Security
(new version of ESET Smart Security Business Edition)

ESET Mail Security for Linux

ESET File Security for Linux

ESET Gateway Security for Linux

ESET Remote Administrator

Important notice to users of ESET Remote Administrator. If you have installed versions 3, 4 or 5 you need to upgrade to the latest ESET Remote Administrator version to be able to fully operate all your newly upgraded mail security products.